​"​new ​ACADEMY reveals how
men over 40 can add ​distance​ & Flexibility while also lowering their scores

... gaining an almost UNFAIR advantage
over ​​younger golfers"

Christian Henning

​​golf fitness is about more than adding distance...

​If you'd like to move better with less pain and reverse the damage father time has caused to you.... while lowering your score at the same time... and improving your driving, pitching, putting and chipping, this will be the most important ​website you'll ever visit.

But first, a warning:

​This isn't one of those "magic pill" ​​websites that promises you results for doing nothing. Here's the deal...

The ​workouts and flexibility trainings included inside of my Get Golf Fit Academy are working great for myself and my students, and I believe ​they can help you, too.

​I'm not suggesting that everyone ​who ​joins is going to ​create effortless pain-free power and more endurance and flexibility... or lower their score.

Now let me show you...

​exactly what you're getting

​First of all, this isn't like any golf fitness ​academy you've ever seen. There's no fluff or filler - just battle tested programs that are working right now.

And the programs are easy to follow

​​There's a program for every goal, you can perform in just minutes every other day. And you'll immediately "get" the workouts and flexibility programs I personally designed to increase my drives by 40 yards.



​I've created more than 6 months of Power workouts focused on creating more flexibility, strength, and balance. Mix all of these together and you get the ultimate distance cocktail. Many of my students add 10 yards across their irons and 15+ yards to their woods and driver. This gives them shorter iron shots into every green and has reduced their proximity to the hole. After all, shorter irons are easier to hit...


​In my opinion, flexibility and stretching are the holy grail when it comes to longevity and consistency. After all, if you don't move well you won't play well.. and who wants to play when they have aches and pains? I've created 6 different flexibility and stretching routines that will help you feel better and play better.


​One of the biggest setbacks I find with my students is a few extra pounds on their waistlines... this zaps power, energy, and athleticism. Fear not - I've built a FULL YEAR of golf fitness workouts focused on restoring your body and its youthful power. You'll never get bored and will have tons of workouts to choose from.

​​improve front 9 scores

​Most of my students shave strokes off their game simply by knowing how to warm up properly before they play. There's more to it than just getting the body warmed up... my Tour Pro Warm Up is updated regularly and takes you through an entire warm up session just like the guys on the PGA tour do... and it's GUARANTEED to get you more confident and scoring better on the front 9 and feeling better on the back 9.

​off-season golf fitness

​​Think I'd forget about the off-season? No chance. The off-season is a GREAT time to get better and improve. Most golfers sit around and watch TV... and then come back to the regular season rusty and lethargic. Not my students! We hit the ground running and are always moving ahead. This program is updated every season and builds what I call "compound interest". 


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What ​MY STUDENTs Are Saying:

​This program has taken me to a new level. I joined in March of 2016 GHIN handicap was 6, now it's a 0.0 and I have lost 35 pounds. At 50 I can compete with the "flat bellies".

​Brian Terry

​The harder I worked the better I felt and the lower my back pain. In 30* to 40* weather I'm hitting mid-summer distances and can carry my golf bag for 18 holes again.

​Ron Griffin

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