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Tap In Challenge (TIC) - $27.00

The Tap In Challenge includes Greasing the Groove training, golf drills, a clear plan of action with a printable daily calendar and tracking sheets. In addition, you are getting the 3 Pressure Test Challenges that guarantee you never crumble under pressure...

And don't forget, you also get 9 full golf fitness "fountain of youth" workouts, a flexibility routine, and a goal setting class and printable worksheets that teach you how to virtually GUARANTEE yourself success... without expensive gadgets, trainers, or lessons.

It's yours to keep forever, even if you dislike it (I'll send every penny back to you).

I'm also giving you a 60-minute online video training, free, which shows you how to create an environment for success, helping you reach your goals by being more decisive.

My proprietary "Greasing the Groove” method. Believe it or not, one way to quickly lower your score starts with your mind.
See how easy it is (and how fast it works).

✓ The 3 "Pressure Challenges" GUARANTEED to bullet-proof your confidence and build “Never Choke" consistency.

✓ The “Post Round" Decompression Routine. Doing this one routine can erase “after round fatigue” allowing for more golf and better rest.

✓ The 5 Drills that ERASE the 5 Death Moves of Chipping (all on video).

✓ The MOST PAINFUL DRILL in golf that INSTANTLY CURES the most common chipping fault I’ve found in 99% of my students.

✓ The Daily Checklist and the built-in COMPOUND INTEREST principle combined to SAVE YOU TIME while shaving 5+ strokes off your score in the shortest time possible.

✓ Printable Challenge calendar so you never guess WHAT TO DO or what you should be working on.

Printable tracking sheets so you can measure your progress over the course of the challenge.

WATCH ANYWHERE: Mobile and PC friendly, you can watch anywhere at anytime.

✓ BONUS: The FREE Fitness Tracker that VIRTUALLY GUARANTEES you stay ON TRACK and gain power and lose fat so you play the best golf of your life.

✓ The 9 "Fountain of Youth" workouts you need to employ if you are serious about improving stamina, eliminating the Back 9 Fade, and playing better golf MORE OFTEN.

✓ The PRIMARY KEY to unlocking piston-like repeatability... not in a month's time, but almost overnight.

There’s a reason thousands of happy members trust Get Golf Fit! We are 100% transparent and simply here to serve you and help you create a true “golf” body to feel and play better.

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Price: $27.00


Mintun Media

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the workouts as they have increased my flexibility tremendously despite my physical limitations. I've felt so good that I've gone back to carrying my golf clubs and even dropped a few more pounds. I've dropped 5 strokes in the last 6 rounds I've played.

Ron Griffin
Ron Griffin D.C. Area
Mintun Media

When I began, I had a 3/4 back swing because I didn't have enough flexibility to complete a full turn. I've been working real hard and about 7 days ago I finally got to the full shoulder turn! Being able to get to a full shoulder turn, the results became magical. I'm very, very, very HAPPY.

Dave Hanson
Dave Hanson Puyallup, Washington
Mintun Media