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Rewind Flexibility Bundle (RFB) - $20.00

There's more to this system than"just" flexibility. Here's a fraction of what you're getting...

- Rewind, featuring Six Golf Flexibility Routines... focused on unlocking your body for better movement and improving your neural pathways for better athleticism. See how it works (and detailed instructions as well). Instant Access.
- How to unlock your tight hips - even if you've tried traditional stretches and failed. Hip EMF video.
- TODAY: A simple warm up for increasing your driving distance... and keeping them in the fairway! Tour Pro Warm Up.
- The "game changing" decompression program. Using this one program may just extend your golf life. Decompression video.
- The Early Morning Flexibility (EMF) routine and how it will transform the way you feel and move on and off the course. EMF video.
- The PRIMARY KEY to lowering your score quickly... not in a month's time, but almost overnight. Pre-Round Warm Up.
- Assessment sheets so you can measure your progress and perform the routines anywhere. Downloadable and Printable.
- Chris's PROVEN 17 Minute Pre-Round Warm Up. You won't want to tee off without doing it ever again. TPWU video.
- The Durability Routine focused on your hip and spine that increases flexibility and joint mobility. Durability video.

I feel a flexibility program is the #1 key to improving your game as you age.

In fact, I include a flexibility program in ALL of my golf fitness programs. Flexibility is proven to be a key factor in increasing playing longevity, distance, stamina, and recovery.

And you're right ...that is a lot of battle-tested joint mobility and flexibility techniques. And it's stuff that nobody else can share with you because nobody else is doing it.

But it gets better because you're also getting ...

An Advanced "Tour Pro Warm Up" System For Improving Consistency!

There’s a reason thousands of happy members trust Get Golf Fit! We are 100% transparent and simply here to serve you and help you create a true “golf” body to feel and play better.

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Price: $20.00


Mintun Media

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the workouts as they have increased my flexibility tremendously despite my physical limitations. I've felt so good that I've gone back to carrying my golf clubs and even dropped a few more pounds. I've dropped 5 strokes in the last 6 rounds I've played.

Ron Griffin
Ron Griffin D.C. Area
Mintun Media

When I began, I had a 3/4 back swing because I didn't have enough flexibility to complete a full turn. I've been working real hard and about 7 days ago I finally got to the full shoulder turn! Being able to get to a full shoulder turn, the results became magical. I'm very, very, very HAPPY.

Dave Hanson
Dave Hanson Puyallup, Washington
Mintun Media